Our works

UAB „Metalų liejiniai“

Our works

The enterprise manufactures various products to individual orders for the markets of Lithuania, Germany, the USA, Denmark, Israel and Scandinavia.

Manufacturing of various products:

  • Parts of stoves, furnaces and fireplaces (slats, grates, doors)
  • Screws for soil drilling
  • Street and bridge grates, cracks, well covers, pipes
  • Equipment and machine parts, including friction-resistant elements
  • Marine trawl weights (up to 750kg)
  • Fence segments, their decorative elements, stair railings, poles, bench legs
  • Tree borders and protections
  • Steel structural elements (including reinforced concrete containers)
  • Railway parts
  • Parts of agricultural machinery
  • Brackets for refrigerators, other household appliances
  • Silicide electrodes
  • Shields of electric engines and generators of different configuration.
  • Bodies and brake drums of lifting mechanisms.
  • Component parts of paint sprinklers.
  • Component parts of diesel engines.
  • Parts of a stepladder.
  • Furniture fittings and metal parts.
  • Medical equipment panels.

In addition, we have the equipment for the production of cast iron castings and splash plates of the former Vienybas furnaces, and we can produce spare parts.

More than 23 years of work experience!
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