About us

UAB „Metalų liejiniai“

About us

UAB “Metalų liejiniai” accepts and fulfills orders for the production of castings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals: various brands of cast iron and steel, as well as aluminum and zinc alloys.

UAB “Metalų liejiniai” was established in the year 2000 on the former foundry base. The enterprise employees are qualified specialists with a long-term working record and experience in the field of metal casting. In recent years, the company has concentrated its production activities in Jonava, taking over the management of the cast iron and steel foundry that operated here.

We provide professional consultation, flexibly and efficiently combine the technical details and respond to customer requirements and preferences. Particular attention is paid to quality assurance standards.  

More than 23 years of work experience!

The main technological processes, applied in UAB “Metalų liejiniai”

Non-ferrous metal castings manufactured by injection-molding process:

1. A casting press-form is constructed and manufactured according to the drawings of the part received from the customer, which after production is mounted on the casting machine.
2. Metal casting in electric furnaces.
3. Manufacture of castings with pressure die-casting machines.
4. Chipping of castings with dies, hydraulic and pneumatic presses or manually.
5. Finishing of the casting surface – cleaning (tumbling, grinding-polishing, hydropolishing, etc.).

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings by using casting patterns and molds:

1. Manufacture of casting models according to the drawings of the customer.
2. Production of temporary sand – clay moulds.
3. Metal melting in frequency induction metal foundry furnaces.
4. Casting of metal into temporary moulds.
5. Finishing of the casting surface – cleaning (tumbling, grinding-polishing, treatment with the sandblast, etc.).  

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