Ferrous metal castings

UAB „Metalų liejiniai“

Ferrous metal castings

1. Casting into ground moulds from cast iron. Weight of castings from several hundred grams to 750 kg.
2. Casting into ground moulds from carbon, alloy steel and silicon corrosion-resistant steel. Weight of castings from 1 kg to 400 kg.
3. Moulds are manufactured with moulding machines and manually.
4. For metal castings we prepare casting patterns.

Materials used:

  • Gray cast iron GG25, GG20, etc.
  • Ductile iron GGG40, GGG50, etc.
  • Heat-resistant cast iron (Chr 16-30%)
  • Steel of various grades (according to the requirements of the Customer for the chemical composition).

Ferrous metal castings machining process:

  • Tumbling.
  • Using a vibration device.
  • Sand blast.
  • Grinding – polishing machines.  
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